PhDs:Camping beside the Gibb River on the road north to Mitchell Falls

  • Cassia Read “The role of biological soil crusts in vegetation dynamics of the Murray Mallee bioregion, Victoria” – completed 2015
  • Laura Pollock “The intersection of ecology and evolution : a case study of Eucalyptus in the Grampians Ranges, Australia” – completed 2011

Masters students:

  • Bill La Marca, ongoing: “Developing species distribution models to aid in conservation planning on the Tiwi Islands”

Honours students:

  • Blaire Dobiecki, 2009 – The potential distribution of the European Wasp in Australia: a retrospective evaluation. Now working in Science communication.
  • Luke Preece, 2005 on SDMs for plants of the MacDonnell Ranges, NT
  • Joanne Potts, 2003 on SDMs and population viability analysis for a rare species in NSW

Plus supervision of various other students both domestic and international, as reflected in my publications.