Pre 2012 reports & theses

(Most recent are listed first).

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Cribb, C., Barry, S., Elith, J. & et al (2008) Technical Advisory Group report to the cost-sharing and decision-making group for an Australian Biosecurity System for Primary Production and the Environment. .

Elith, J. (2008) Threatened Species Map Updates: Species Distribution Modelling. Part 1 (main report) and Part 2 (additional details). Report MCCP Ref: 2008-043 for the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts. The University of Melbourne.

Elith, J., Leonte, D. & Members of the working group (2008) New spatial analysis methods for improved hazard/risk identification: Report of ACERA working group 0603. The University of Melbourne; Australian Centre of Excellence for Risk Analysis.

Leathwick, J., Julian, K., Elith, J., Chadderton, L., Ferrier, S. & Snelder, T.H. (2008) A biologically optimised environmental classification of New Zealand’s rivers and streams: reanalysis using human impact variables. NIWA Client Report HAM 2008-027. National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Ltd.

Leathwick, J., Julian, K., Elith, J. & Rowe, D. (2008) Predicting the distribution of freshwater fish species for all New Zealand’s rivers and streams. NIWA Client Report HAM2008-005. National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Ltd.

Cant, B., Elith, J., Leathwick, J., Chee, Y., Taranto, J., Case, M. & Pritchard, J. (2007) Spatial Management Model of Murray-Darling Fish Populations; Report to the Murray-Darling Basin Commission, Native Fish Management Strategy.  Project MD740. Arthur Rylah Institute.

Leathwick, J., Julian, K., Chadderton, L., Ferrier, S. & Elith, J. (2007) Selection of fresh waters of national importance. NIWA Client Report HAM2006-044. National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Ltd.

Morrongiello, J., Elith, J. & Crook, D. (2007) Understanding The Impacts Of Drought On Native Fish Populations In Victorian Rivers. Department of Sustainability and Environment, Melbourne, Australia.

Elith, J. (2006) Evaluation of the Contribution of API Mapping  and Satellite Image Classification  to Vegetation Mapping in the Hunter Central Rivers Catchment Management Authority. Consultancy report to Environment Division, Hunter Councils.

Elith, J. & Bidwell, S. (2004) Identification and assessment of nationally threatened woodlands – Description of ecological communities: Arid eucalypt woodlands. Consultancy RFT 22/2002 for Environment Australia., pp. 285.

Wintle, B.A., Elith, J., Yamada, K. & Burgman, M.A. (2004) Module 2. Habitat modelling and conservation requirements: final report. LHCCREMS Fauna survey and mapping project, pp. 1-51. University of Melbourne, Melbourne.

Elith, J. (2002) Predicting the Distribution of Plants. PhD thesis, The University of Melbourne.

Elith, J., Burgman, M.A. & Minchin, P. (1998) Improved Protection Strategies for Rare Plants: Consultancy Report for Environment Australia. Environment Australia, Canberra, Australia.